The Top Ice Hockey Slot Games

The Top Ice Hockey Slot Games

Let’s first discuss why ice hockey is so popular in Canada. It started in Canada because of British soldiers and various immigrants. They brought their sticks and balls to play on the grass during warmer weather. However, they needed something to do when the weather got colder. That is when they had a brilliant idea to transition the game to something that could be played during the wintertime and on frozen ponds. That variation of the sport took off in 1893 with the Stanley Cup. Most of the players were beginners and come from a more amateurish nature. Professionals started to take over the sport in 1906. Soon after, the US began to adapt to the Canadian game in 1914 for their own amusement.

What About The Game Drives People Crazy

1) There is a competitive drive to the game. Canucks(as they call themselves) are incredibly competitive(thus was born the various ice hockey leagues). Players who do not have the drive to win inside should not apply. That is also the mentality for online ice hockey games. There have been many times when fans will get in each other’s faces to determine which hockey team is the winner. Spirits run high during those times, so this makes it a great sport for Canadians.

2) This is a major tourist attraction. People come from all over the world to see an ice hockey game. You do not have to have much knowledge of hockey either to join in the fun. All you have to do is enjoy sports and competition. Tourists get sucked in from the very first moment that they sit down. Tourists will also talk regularly with the locals to find out which team is the best bet.

The Top Five Ice Hockey Slot Machines Online

The list below is considered by a few to be the ultimate hockey cave fan guide. All of these are widely available to play on various Canadian casino websites. We apologize if one of your favorite ice hockey slot games has been left off the list.

1) Ice Hockey You cannot get much more simple as this game. It combines a straightforward functionality with the love of the game. The reels are images of various things including players, the shoes, and the nets. It is important to note that the nets are the wilds in the game. The nets can give a player a wild payout of 10,0000 times the coins you bet. The players will give you about 5,000-1,000 the original bet. The bonus round(Pass the Puck)is pretty cool. The goal is to move the puck from one player to the next one on another screen. Players who pass the puck successfully can win a coin worth three times the amount of the original bet placed. It has a competitive thing happening.

2) Hockey Hero This one has probably some of the best graphics you can find with an ice hockey slot, including an impressive graphic of a National Hockey League(NHL )stadium. You get 40 pay lines. That gives players an impressive chance of winning something big. You have impressive wild icons and scatter reels. The payouts are worth the gamble. According to those who reviewed it before, this is one of the better ice hockey slot games you can find.

3) The Hockey League This is another one that captures the realness and feel of the National Hockey League. You feel as though you are there, whether you are playing or watching. What is great about one of the main wild icons is that it can substitute for something you miss. Thay works most especially if you are one short of a big payout. Use the wild icon and you can get the payout. The scatter icon works to award free spins, but it is carefully hidden. You have to work hard to find it. The ironic thing about that is that it looks obvious once you uncover it(it is one of those things).

4) Franchise Hockey Manager 5 This is one of those hockey simulation games, but it does deliver well. It started in 2013. Now the game is licensed through the NHL. This is the same game you might have seen before, but it is been drastically revamped. Players have improved tactical control(which is a bonus for many players). Players might also notice that this one is the latest in the franchise for Hockey Manager, but it is the best one. This one will pave the way for Franchise Hockey Manager 6. According to many experts in the hockey slot world, you can enjoy this one at a discount to help you get ready for what it is to come. This is the one you want above all the previous games in the series.

5) NHL 20 NHL continues to expand its horizons. This game is no different. Players who are used to the previous ones will notice impressive updates and a new look. This one is said to include the World of Chel. This is a deluxe package that lets you enjoy ice hockey in a lifelike form. Players who are a bit more impatient than others will want to get their hands on this one. We hope your favorite made our list. Google more results to find out where you can find them online and start playing.

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